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Condition: Nerd is a blog that is devoted to all the important nerdy things in our lives. We review board games, video games, comic books, and the latest tech gadgets, plus give our insights on things like cosplay, kickstarter projects, and all our personal favorite things (and maybe even show off our own DIY skills). We want to share our nerdom with the world because the rest of the world is pretty nerdy too!

Emma and Eric CastroBased in New York City, we are a newlywed couple who have both been entrenched in nerdy things, both separately and together, for a long time. We decided to start this blog as a way to share the things we are passionate about with the rest of the world.

Eric is a long time tech guy who took his first computer apart as soon as he got it just to see if he could put it back together again (it took a couple days and he had a few screws left over but it worked better than before!) He loves buying new gadgets, board games, comic books, game consoles, and then some. Having a blog gives him an excuse for all the things he loves to buy.

Emma, is a bibliophile web nerd who loves watching bad TV,  playing strategic board games, hosting dinner parites and doing projects (besides creating this site she is also working on her sewing skills, scrapbooking skills, cooking skills, interior decorating skills and occasionally even her cleaning skills!) She is new to both cosplay and comic books, but if the quantity of sewing supplies and boxes of comic books in the house are any indication, she is already hooked. Having this blog gives her a place to geek out over all the stuff she loves.

DexterOur designated mascot is Dexter, he is our 130 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog who sits patiently waiting for Eric to finish another video review so they can go for a walk, and/or lies on the floor next to Emma while she types up yet another hopefully eloquent review.

We love to hear from anyone and everyone so if you want to drop us a line please feel free!



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